• Introduction. This tutorial was revised and updated on November 09 2020. If you are familiar with our blog you must have seen that we've released a series of tutorials on how to make blogs using Strapi with a lot of frontend frameworks: Gatsby Old, React, Next.js, Vue, Nuxt or Angular.

    I’m experiencing similar behaviour with a newly deployed gatsby build. I’m seeing some assets take the same (long) time to load. For example there are 6 files (a few js files from the gatsby build, a webpack js file and a page-data json file) that all take exactly 33.41 seconds to load, another batch of 4 similar files all take 25.19 seconds. This is all the case when checking on wifi ... Incrementally Adopting Next.js. Migrating from Gatsby. If you have questions about anything related to Next.js, you're always welcome to ask our community on GitHub Discussions.

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  • Apr 04, 2019 · In gatsby-browser you’re able to execute things on the client side. For example, the way that Gatsby serves pages - we have that Source Pages folder - we use @reach/router under the hood, and each page is considered a route. So when you move between pages, you’re unmounting and remounting the next page. And that’s great most of the time.

    Feb 06, 2019 · Just a quick post showing the Docker setup I use for building Gatsby and NextJS frontends. Tagged with docker, gatsby, nextjs, workflow. Oct 20, 2019 · Using Tailwind CSS with Gatsby, React & Emotion Styled Components Learn how to use the util­i­ty-first Tail­wind CSS with Emo­tion “ CSS-in-JS” Styled Com­po­nents in a Gats­by JS + React project.

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  • And one of these tools is Gatsby.js - a modern static site generator based on known and well-liked With Gatsby, you can easily handle your project complexity, cause you can use React components...

    The fallback loader will receive the same configuration options as url-loader. For example, to set the quality option of a responsive-loader above use: webpack.config.js

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  • For Bootstrap to compile, make sure you install and use the required loaders: sass-loader, postcss-loader with Autoprefixer. With minimal setup, your webpack config should include this rule or similar:

    Summary I’m working on sourcing and combining data from Shopify Storefront and GraphQL Admin APIs into Gatsby. For sourcing Storefront API I use gatsby-source-shopify, though I wasn’t able to find source plugin for _Shopify Admin API_ and ended up using gatsby-source-graphql. I have created a priva... Article & Download. Spinner1 Spinner2 Spinner3 Spinner4 Spinner5 Spinner6 Spinner7 Spinner2 Spinner3 Spinner4 Spinner5 Spinner6 Spinner7 File gatsby-config.js is the main configuration file for a Gatsby site to specify information about your site (metadata) such as site-wide title and description, which Gatsby plugins you’d like to include, etc. (Check out the config docs for more detail). File gatsby-browser.js specifies usage of the Gatsby browser APIs (if any). These allow ...

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  • Gatsby plugins are Node packages that implement Gatsby APIs. You download Gatsby plugins from NPM and include them in your gatsby.config.js file. One of my favourite Gatsby plugins is called...

    Oct 27, 2020 · Gatsby is built with React, so some knowledge of JavaScript and its frameworks is necessary before you can really hit the ground running. Here is a tutorial on JavaScript for a WordPress developer . Before you create the development version of your site on Gatsby, The first step is to get your system ready for installing Gatsby. Neutrino is a companion tool which lets you build web and Node.js applications with shared presets or configurations. It intends to make the process of initializing and building projects much simpler by providing minimal development dependencies.

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The Back End: Using Gatsby.js and Node.js for Static Site Updates. Static web page generation frameworks have great features to achieve that—we'll use Gatsby.js, one of the most popular.Oct 20, 2020 · Open gatsby-config.js in a text editor tp view Gatsby’s configuration. nano is the name of the text editor this tutorial will use to view the Gatsby config file, but you can use the editor of your choice: nano gatsby-config.js The following is gatsby-config.js with the configurations that come with the Gatsby Default Starter template:

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NOTE: Instance methods such as "foobar".includes("foo") will only work with [email protected] If you need to polyfill them, you can directly import "core-js" or use @babel/preset-env's useBuiltIns option. Installation. Install it as development dependency. npm install --save-dev @babel/plugin-transform-runtime Jul 06, 2020 · Gatsby is a modern static-site generator that has revamped the way static websites are being built. It incorporates React, Node.js, and GraphQL to create stunning and blazing-fast websites. In this post, we will discuss Gatsby plugins and develop our own comment plugin.

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Nov 03, 2019 · Imagine you wrote a ten-minute long blog post with 20 high-resolution images. If all 20 images were loaded at once, the post would be slow to load. With lazy loading, we can load the images on demand. JavaScript. This article will show you how to patch `jest-worker` package used by Gatsby.js and by patching enable child process debugging using Chrome Dev Tools.

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Integrating Vexflow with Gatsby.js. 03.18.2020 — Gatsby.js, Vexflow. My new blog is built with Gatsby.js and my goal is to make easy to insert sheet music and guitar tab into blog posts. I'm a big fan of the Vexflow Music Notation library and for this post I'm going to explain how I got Vexflow working with Gatsby. Demo Nov 13, 2020 · Keep in mind that the Gatsby.js source plugin is loading content at build time, so whenever you change the graphQL query, you will need to restart your server. Read this article to understand the difference between build and client time in Gatsby. pages/index.js

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Jan 22, 2019 · To start your adventure with Gatsby, you simply need to install gatsby-cli as a global package and create a new project with it. It will create simple boilerplate with index page along with 404. From now on, you can create your own pages by simply adding other .js files into the „pages” folder.

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gatsby-plugin-ts-loader. Provides plug-n-play support for Typescript and tslint in Gatsby.. Install. npm install gatsby-plugin-ts-loader. Motivation. The only other option for adding typescript to Gatsby at the time of writing is gatsby-plugin-typescript, which does not use the typescript compiler but instead a babel plugin.

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In this lesson you will learn how to increase performance of the images used in your website built with Gatsby.js. Img component provided by Gatsby enables lazy loading, applies cool visual effects on image loads and is virtually everything you need to comfortably work with images. Sep 30, 2019 · PHOTO: Gatsby.js/CMSWire. ... “Gatsby is a static site generator that makes it [easy] ... so the content will load and display faster than dynamic websites. This is crucial for a seamless ... gatsby-plugin-web-font-loader. A Gatsby plugin to asynchronously load webfonts using Web Font Loader.Can load fonts from Google Fonts, Typekit, Fonts.com, and Fontdeck, as well as self-hosted web fonts.